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GREENFIELD CHAMBERS is the FIRST INDIGENOUS PARTNERSHIP in the Federal Capital Territory and is recognized for its high standards, professionalism, integrity and efficiency. The Firm has as its primary focus, the ultimate satisfaction of its clientele and in doing that, provides a diverse field of services covering various aspects of law practice. Our corporate culture is shaped by the core principles of Innovation, Trust, and Collaboration.

GREENFIELD CHAMBERS has sound experience in the areas of Litigation (at all levels of courts), Real Estates, Corporate and Commercial Practice, Banking and Finance, Mining and Solid Mineral Law and Policy, Capital Market and Securities, Oil and Gas, Energy Law, Labour Law, Intellectual Properties, Succession Law and Management of Estates and an in-depth expertise in Effective Dispute Resolution majoring in Mediation and Arbitration, deploying great flexibility in attending to Clients’ needs.

GREENFIELD CHAMBERS also has experience in the areas of provision of Company Secretarial Services, Preparation of Legal Documents, Drafting and/or Engrossment of Agreements, Facilitators/Resource Persons, Faculty Providers, Research Consultants and allied matters.

GREENFIELD CHAMBERS also possesses vast experience in financial and legal requirements of the banking sector with consummate experience in legal audit of Companies and similar establishments.

The Firm also provides consultancy services in the area of investment advising. Other services provided by the Firm include Labour Laws, Agency, Tax, Stamp Duties, Trademarks and Copyright Laws.

Fields of Practice

GREENFIELD CHAMBERS is a solution-oriented Firm with the aim to satisfy the varied needs of our Clientele. In addition to that, GREENFIELD CHAMBERS is an investment-centric Firm that offers expansive possibilities for its Clients.

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No. 30, Chuba Okadigbo Street, Zone B, Legislative Quarters, Apo, Abuja.

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