Debt Recovery, Asset Tracing and Recovery

GREENFIELD CHAMBERS has the skills and expertise, and has successfully handled Debt Recovery matters at various stages, before Courts and through negotiations.

Our Firm can offer Clients an effective way of locating, identifying and freezing stolen assets from its origin through to its final destination. Our Firm has the right legal approach as well as always use the right legal options and practical steps towards maximizing the chances of success in debt recovery and assets tracing and recovery.

We possess the speed and expertise that will increase the likelihood of success with an extensive experience in debt recovery, identifying, locating and recovering assets throughout the globe amongst others. This is achieved through strategic partnership and engagements across the globe.

Professional/Legal Strategy

GREENFIELD CHAMBERS is a solution-oriented Firm with the aim to satisfy the varied needs of our Clientele. In addition to that, GREENFIELD CHAMBERS is an investment-centric Firm that offers expansive possibilities for its Clients.