GREENFIELD CHAMBERS though a Firm with head office in Abuja (F.C.T) and a branch office in Awka, has operational capability and network in all the major cities of Nigeria and Africa. It is our aspiration that within the near future the Firm will also be able to provide services for clientele spread across the globe.

In realization of this, great care is taken in identifying with the needs of our clientele so as to ensure the Firm is providing innovative, tailor-made services motivated by clear thinking and an in-depth understanding of the law.

GREENFIELD CHAMBERS employs a practical and realistic approach to meeting the needs of its clientele while ensuring that confidentiality and commercial realism are the penultimate focus of our relationship with our clientele.

GREENFIELD CHAMBERS has as its policy a practice of generating the best option at all times for its Clients with a view to achieving excellence. Our team is made up of active members of professional bodies such as the Pan African Lawyers Union, Nigeria Bar Association, International Federation of Women Lawyers, African Arbitration Association, and a host of others. The Firm also pays a great deal of attention to the attendance of seminars, workshops and symposia in different areas of the law with a view to providing the needed exposure to its team so as to ensure greater professionalism through continuing Legal Education.

The firm is constantly developing partnerships and relationships with other firms across the country. We are currently exploring the possibility of expanding internationally to broaden our horizons and increase our operational capacity. Our goal is to provide exceptional legal services to clients worldwide.

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